Adrian Kelly // Web Developer

Experienced Web Developer, fluent in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with exposure to React, Redux, Angular, Node.js/Express, and CouchDB.

Self-motivated in work ethic and a clear communicator, I embrace all opportunities to apply my skills in achieving outstanding results.


A React/Redux app that ranks the top contributors in a GitHub organisation.

  • Combines two GitHub API endpoints, fetching a list of repositories from an organisation and creating a running total of individual user's contributions across these repositories
  • Uses Redux Thunk for asynchronous API calls, Redux for managing state
  • Deployed on Heroku, running on a Node.js server using Express

React Photo Feed

React, Redux, Express app fetching the latest Flickr photos, filterable by tag name.

  • Consumes the public Flickr API to provide a feed of the most recently posted photos which can then be filtered by tag name
  • Uses Redux for maintaining application state, including action creators, actions, reducers etc. Also uses Redux Thunk for asynchronous API calls
  • Deployed as a Node.js app on Heroku


Angular 2, Node, CouchDB app demonstrating example recipe reviews.

  • Uses Angular 2, Node.js/Express, CouchDB (NoSQL). Deployed on an Google Cloud Compute Engine
  • Clicking star ratings component passes changes to a recipe-list parent component. An Angular 2 service (using Angular 2 HttpModule) calls the Node server, updating the CouchDB database with the new rating review


AngularJS app that provides current wind speed anywhere in the world.

  • Uses AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS Animations, Yahoo Weather API
  • Allows for user input of region and country to enable more accurate wind speed results

Engine Rotation

Interactive prototype for rotation of an aircraft engine.

  • Uses Greensock, HTML5 video, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Created as a rapid proof-of-concept for an interactive engine that users could play with
  • Inspired by Apple Mac Pro website

Multiplication Game

Web application to help children understand multiplication.

  • Uses JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, Webpack, Heroku, ES6, Babel
  • When clicking a box, the multiples of the clicked number are highlighted, clicking again removes the highlight
  • Displays 3 numbers per row on desktop devices, 2 numbers per row on tablet, and 1 number per row on mobile


Music blog featuring curated list of all types of music.

  • Uses PHP, WordPress, SASS, AJAX, MySQL
  • AJAX used for lazy loading of older posts on the homepage and for loading posts filtered by month on the archives page
  • Makes use of a parallax effect in the header when scrolling the homepage


Etch-a-Sketch game canvas using JavaScript and jQuery.

  • Uses JavaScript and jQuery
  • Expanded upon original project idea by including form validation and ability to customise width of canvas
  • Users have the option of generating a sketch using black or randomly generated colours

Business Responsive

Business themed, responsive website built from a PSD design.

  • Uses JavaScript, jQuery, CSS
  • Built from a Photoshop design of the desktop appearance, with images being sliced from this design
  • Without the ability to rely upon designs for the site on mobile devices, responsive layout changes were dicated by the appearance of the site at particular widths